Multimedia Outreach

Based in Kauai, Hawaii, The Eyes Wide Open Multimedia Outreach project is committed to using all aspects of the arts to Empower, Educate and Inspire people of all ages and backgrounds.
We capture, archive and tell people’s stories. We say “YES YOU CAN!” You can EMPOWER someone, helping them to realize their true potential by sharing your story.
By telling/experiencing someone else’s story, their struggles, success, goals, ambitions, triumphs and set backs reminds us that we are all human and have everything in common; dreams, pain, suffering, joy, laughter, happiness, tears, life, birth and death. Hearing someone’s story told by them from their prospective, gives others an insight into that person’s reality, their truth and their life. We educate/train/EMPOWER people with the skills required to capture educational and marketing content, and other peoples stories, using all aspects of Multimedia from animation to story telling, dancing, music, film, acting etc. We seek out and capture people doing inspiring things. We enable and support them so that their work, story, accomplishments can be recorded, seen and experienced by the world.