The Mokan & Nokan Project

First began as a stage production called “Once Upon A dream” first created in 2010.The concept is based on two inspirational beings called Mokan & Nokan. Mokan & Nokan are from the planet Zole, and have crashed landed on the earth on the island of Kauai. Mokan & Nokan need Inspiration to survive, so they spend their time seeking out inspiring people and inspiring things to do, while motivating and inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds.

Cable Show

The Mokan & Nokan Show is a half-hour show broadcasting five times a week on cable station SPECTRUM OC16, which is seen throughout Hawaii. The show is all about inspiration. Mokan and Nokan need inspiration to survive, so in each episode they seek out people and stories that inspire them and share those stories with their viewers. Mokan and Nokan also love dancing, singing, creating, and motivating people who are doing interesting things in their communities and around the world see the beginning story episode one and how the series developed to where it is now episode thirty-three.

Stage Production

The Mokan & Nokan ‘Beautiful Hawaii’ Roadshow is a LIVE stage production combining elements of the television production forming the backdrop and narrative for the show with an 80 strong cast of amateur dancers age 3 and up from the Kauai Dance Center and of course Mokan & Nokan providing the live entertainment.The first show of its kind, The Mokan & Nokan ‘Beautiful Hawaii’ Roadshow was performed in the Grand Ballroom at the Kauai Marriott in Lihue, Kauai in May, 2016. Produced by Eyes Wide Open Productions and featuring an Original Score by Mel Bell-Grey.

Mokan & Nokan TV

Mokan & Nokan TV is an exciting new feature of the Mokan Nokan universe. Each 5-minute animated episode of this learning platform captivates young children in understanding a new idea through music, fun, and positivity. The show uses modern, original music and lovable characters to educate early learners. Mokan and Nokan speak from their spaceship directly to the audience, helping kids understand not only the lesson but also their own potential. The first 26 episodes of Mokan Nokan TV will cover the letters of the alphabet, while later episodes will help children learn numbers and other fundamentals. Let us join you on your child’s educational journey.
To watch episodes and learn more about Mokan & Nokan tv please visit the Mokan & Nokan site.