County of Kauai Innovation Grant

These videos were made over the years for the Mokan and Nokan family show. Some of these will be redone and updated specifically for their marketing with even better technology and production values specifically for use on their websites, social media, and other Kaua’i marketing web portals.

Alan Akana

Pastor, Painter, and author of The Volcano is Our Home

Produced to feature Rev Dr. Alan Akana on the Mokan and Nokan show. Pastor of Koloa Union Church, everyone who knows and loves him know that he also paints Hawaiian tropical flowers and other subjects. He has this video on his Alan Akan Gallery webpage. His son, Palani, helped him with technology to connect to social media. This video was especially timely because Alan Akana had just released his book The Volcano is Our Home that charts his family several generations back on Hawai’i Island. We’d like to update this video (because he is always creating and has much to say to us all) and would consult Palani and others who help him with his Internet presence.

Dolly Kanekuni

Pastor, Painter, and author of The Volcano is Our Home

Produced to feature Dolly and her company Dolly Kalekuni Vocal Studio on the Mokan and Nokan family show. An example of how an entrepreneur can describe how her life path as a creative entrepreneur, inspired by her family, from childhood to the present. It also introduces to people on Kaua’i background of someone who makes contributions to our island life and cult ure, whether they already know or do not know her yet.v

Chanterelle Chantara

Fashion Designer

Produced to feature Chanterelle and her company Chanterelle Couture on the Mokan and Nokan show. The video helped her get invited to Hawai’i Fashion Week on Oahu. There is much to update on her career since then. We’d also like to film her on location. An example of how a young entrepreneur can tell her story through media to network as well as market her creations.

Michael “Mickey” Sussman

Master Luther, Anahola Stringed Instruments

In this video produced many years ago, Mickey walks us around his home in Anahola to introduce us to his koa trees, and into his shop to show the guitar making process. Mickey was recognised by the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts as a Master Folk Artist Tradition Bearer, a program that doesn’t exist and has very little presence on the Internet. There is much to update in the ten years since this video was made. Many renown Hawaiian musicians play instruments Mickey made for them, and we hope they’d be willing to talk about their instruments and provide music sound track.

Dr. Jean Shein

Ophthalmologist, Eye Care Center of Kauai

Produced for the Mokan and Nokan to explain what an opthalmologist can do for people to help them see.  In the video Dr Shein talks about how her life path from childhood in Taiwan to the present prepared her to help people on Kaia’i restore and maintain their eyesight.